MSS Real Estate

1,000,000,000+ GBP real estate transacted and executed by principals of the MSS Group

10+ Years of MSS track record in the real estate industry

100% Owned partnership by the same people delivering the services

1 Common attitude towards ethical & responsible business behaviour


Real estate is a unique and exciting investment asset class. In comparison to many other asset classes, real estate is tangible, heterogeneous and permanent.

On a global scale, the industry is still considered relatively opaque; while this creates some barriers to business, more importantly it creates opportunities. Historically, success in real estate investment is achieved by those leading the market, not following it; a complete knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the industry enable us to achieve the greatest success.


MSS Real Estate LLP is a real estate investment manager authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Services Authority. We bring together the core essentials of real estate understanding with modern investment techniques and thinking. As the global economy moves and fluctuates along with advancements in technology and investment techniques, we are proud to position ourselves as pioneers in the market, offering bespoke and creative real estate investment solutions.

We work with both institutional and retail clients as well as with direct private equity and family offices.


MSS have initiated innovative investment and fund structures to lead the real estate investment community over a number of years. As creator and advisor to the FTSE UK Commercial Property Index Series, we demonstrate forward thinking and creative credentials. We take these same abilities into our joint ventures and partnerships, looking to streamline structuring and investment methods to optimise transparency and returns to investors, at the expense of the large cumbersome inefficient funds.